Miami: Samuel Mompoint Arrested on Tax Fraud Charges

nMiami: Samuel Mompoint Arrested on Tax Fraud Charges

Miami Tax Preparer, Sa muel Mompoint Arrested on Tax Fraud Charges

Miami, FL (STL. News) A South Florida tax preparer, who had been indicted with a Grand Jury at the Southern District of Florida on March 25, 2021, has been detained today.  Samuel Mompoint, 57, a resident of Miami -Dade County, Florida, is charged with seventeen counts of aiding and assisting in the preparation and presentation of materially false tax returns for the calendar years 2014 and 2015.

According into allegations in the indictment, Mompoint functioned Prime Tax Services, Inc. , as a tax return preparation business situated in Miami-Dade County.  The indictment alleges that for the 2014 and 2015 tax years, Mompoint intentionally prepared fraudulent tax returns which represented that eleven independent taxpayers were eligible to get false tax deductions and credits, such as education credits, child and dependent care expenses, gifts to charity, and unreimbursed employee expenses.

Mompoint is scheduled to get his first court appearance this afternoon, April 7, at 2:00 pm in national magistrate court Miami.  If convicted, Mompoint faces a maximum penalty of 3 years’ imprisonment as to each count.

Juan Antonio Gonzalez, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida, and Tyler R.

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